Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anne Hathaway at the Oscars 2011

Anne Hathaway at 28 is the youngest to ever host the Oscars!  I am personally so happy for her, because I am a big fan and one of my favorite movies is The Devil Wears Prada.

She looked so incredible from head to toe in all of her outfits.  She didn't look the least bit frazzled every time she came out with a new hairstyle and gown.  I love how they did her hair from up in piled curls and then down to flowing free.  It was so much fun to watch.....

Anne has come a long way from her Princess Diary days.  Good for you Anne! 

                                                                                               Take care, Tammy

Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights: Before and After Pictures

Blonde Highlights can spice your brown hair up.  Having a brown base color will give your color some depth while the blonde highlights will brighten you all up.   Highlights are a great solution if you are looking for a change or if you are bored with your hair color.



How to get this look.....

Color:  The all over base color is a neutral light brown.  The partial highlight was achieved by alternating weaving and slicing blonde highlights into the top, crown, and sides.

Cut:  This is a graduated bob with a lot of texture.  Stack the lower back of the hair and work all the hair towards the back as well, leaving the frontal sections of the hair longer.  Texture the ends to soften the lines and blend it all together.  Add some styling cream when damp and blow-dry with a mediem round brush.

This is a fun and versatile look for women of all ages!                                                                                                                  
 Take care,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Get the Hair Dye off Your Skin

Watch my tutorial video.....

As far as I'm concerned, hair color is one of the greatest things ever invented.  Hair color can enhance your natural color, cover your grey, or completely change your look.  However not only will the hair color dye your hair, it will also dye your skin.

The dye can leave a halo stain all around the perimeter of your hairline and can be very difficult to get rid of.  With the right techniques you can eliminate that embarrassing halo stain and get all the dye off your skin right after your hair color is done.

Here is how you can get the hair dye off your skin.......

Right before you are ready to shampoo the hair color out of your hair, spray just a little bit of water on the hair near the frontal hairline.  Work some of the hair color into the hairline and skin where you have the halo stain and rub it in really good with your fingers.  The hair color will help remove the color on your skin.  Next, take a little shampoo and work it into this area as well.  Now you can shampoo your hairline, hair color, and halo stain out.

Hope this helps, Good luck!

Take care, Tammy

Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair in itself can be hot, but adding some blonde highlights can enhance your red hair color.  Some golden blonde highlights can give some dimention and depth into your hair and you can add and many or as little as you like.  I always recommend starting off with just a few highlights and work up to getting some more gradually. 

How to get this look....

Color:  You need a red base color.  This can be your natural hair color or you can dye your base color red.  Use a slicing technique to do a partial highlight by adding your blonde into the top, sides and crown of your hair.  

Cut:  Long layers were cut into her hair and the ends were texturized  for a softer and more blended look. 

So have some fun with your red hair and try adding some blonde highlights.

Take care, Tammy

Wedding Hairstylist Video

Hello! I was playing around with iMovie on my iPhone and I put this little movie together.  These were just a few of the weddings I was...

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