Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taylor Swift Inspired: Shoulder Length Spiral Curls

 Watch this Video to see how to get Taylor Swift Curls…..

I love Taylor Swift.  I am a huge Country music fan and I really enjoy listening to her music.  

I also just love her hair.

When her hair is styled in those cute spiral curls, she looks incredible. 

Taylor Swift's look inspired me to style my daughters hair in spiral curls for her Pre-School Graduation.   Sarah is always up for getting her hair done and I was also able to get a really cute Tutorial Video as well.

Happy graduation, Sarah!
XO Mommy

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to do a Dry Haircut: Long Layers, Point Cutting

Watch my Tutorial Video to see how I did this Long Layered Dry Haircut.....

Cutting hair dry is a great way to get an accurate haircut. You know exactly what your going to get.  Hair is easier to Texturize and Point Cut when dry.

XOXO Tammy

Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Color Your Hair a FIRE RED: Bright and Vibrant

For all the details watch my tutorial video.....

I got the opportunity to do a really fun Red hair color.   It perfectly complimented her recent short and spiky haircut. 

She had recently colored her own hair a ginger-like color brown, so first we did a "Bleach shampoo cap" to get the old color out.  We also wanted to lighten it up so the Red color would take.  A bleach shampoo cap is a great way to lighten your hair up before a bright color like this.

We next applied the Red hair color.

XOXO Tammy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to do a Short Layered Women's Haircut: Spiky and Textured

Watch my tutorial video to see this fun haircut.....

I had so much fun doing this haircut.  I really got the opportunity to get creative.

 I used my scissors and comb to use the "Scissor over comb technique.....

I used my Thinning shears to blend and texturize.....

I added a lot of texture by point cutting and texturizing the bulky parts.....

XOXO  Tammy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flower Girl Bridal Hairstyle: Braided with Flowers and Spiral Curls

Watch my tutorial video.....

Wedding season is here and I have been working on getting more Up-do and special occasion tutorials. My daughter, Sarah, was happy to model a really cute style for us.

Here's how I styled her hair.....

 1.  First, I started out by spiral curling her whole head with a 1" inch curling.

2.  Next, I braided the frontal section of her hair.

3.  I finished off by adding Baby's breath flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did:)

XO Tammy

Monday, May 2, 2011

How to do a Half Up Half Down Hairstyle: Big Wavy Curls

Watch my tutorial video on how I styled her hair.....

This hairstyle was so much fun for me to do. I got to do my friend Demi's hair for her.... Baby Shower!
She is such a pretty girl and looks so good pregnant.

She wanted her hair half up and half down with not too much curl.

This is what I used.....

 rat-tail as my comb..... 

Aerosol hairspray.....


1" Curling iron....

and Bobby Pins.

Congratulations Demi and Pete, You guys are going to make great parents!

xoxo Tammy

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