Bohemian Style Fishtail Braid: Easy, Quick:Hair Tutorial

Watch my Hair Tutorial on how to do a Bohemian Style Fishtail Braid.....

I love that braids are really in style right now.  If you have longer hair, there are so many different ways that you can braid it.  

One of my favorite braids is the Fishtail Braid.  

It's easy, fast and can be worn to almost any occasion.

XO Tammy


  1. I love that look, will be trying it out :) x

  2. Ooh! I have to subscribe to your channel tonight when I get home! I would love to try this!!

  3. Oh i love this! This is so cutre for summer :) thank for sharing. :) followed your blog today :)

  4. I'm trying Tammy. My first attempt looks more like a rats nest than a fish tail. I'm gonna get it though!


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