How to do a Clarifying Treatment: Recipe to Get Your Hair Shiny

This is a really good Clarifying Treatment for left over Shampoo Residue, Product Build Up and even Chlorine.

Even the best of shampoos leave behind a residue that leaves your hair looking dull and lifeless.  Products also leave behind a build up that can take all the shine out of your hair.  Chlorine from the swimming pools make your hair feel gummy and dry.

A good Clarifying Treatment is a cure all to all of these issues....

How to do a clarifying treatment......
You will need.....

-Clarifying Shampoo
-Baking soda
-4 cups of
  white distilled vinegar
-Dish soap
- Deep conditioner

In a bowl mix some about 1/4 clarifying shampoo with about 2T baking soda.....

   1.  Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo...rinse
   2.  Shampoo with your "Clarifying shampoo and baking soda mixture"...rinse
   3.  Shampoo with dish soap...rinse 
   4.  Rinse again with vinegar
   5.  Deep condition hair with your conditioner:)

This really does work:) 
XO Tammy