Sunday, August 28, 2011

Medium-Long Layered Haircut (Hair Tutorial)

Watch my Video Tutorial to see how to do this Haircut.....

This has become one of my most popular haircuts on You Tube!  Thank you for watching!

XO Tammy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to do a Full Head of Blonde Highlights on Light Brown Hair with Foils (Hair Tutorial)

Watch my Hair Tutorial Video to see how to do a Full Head of Blonde Highlights with Foils.....

Light brown hair is the perfect base for blonde highlights.  It looks natural and the upkeep is minimal.  It is a great way to brighten a hair color that has the "Dirty dish water" reputation. 

When your doing a full head with foils you have to be careful to use the right color formulations so the whole head processes evenly, because it can take a while to apply.  Which could mean that you'll have to remix a couple times during the process.  

XO Tammy

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jennifer Anniston's 2011 New Haircut: Video Hair Tutorial

Watch my Tutorial Video to see how I do this haircut.....

 I have blogged before that I really liked Jennifer's new haircut.  She has been a trend setter for years and  lots of clients now asking for her new haircut.

When I first started doing hair in the 90's almost everyone that sat in my chair asked for the girl from "Friends" haircut.  It was a cute, textured, layered, sort of a shag haircut that could be worn at all different lengths, but looked best at about the shoulders.  I remember taking a class on this particular haircut and that's when I first started learning how to work with a razor.

This was a time when perms and big hair were going out and straight, textured, and wispy hair was coming in.  I had to learn how to round brush with a blow-dryer instead of scrunching with a diffuser.  This was quite a challenge for me after years of fried out, big, permed hair!

Jennifer Anniston's new 2011 haircut could be another trend setter.....

This wispy, asymmetrical haircut frames the face so nicely.  It's long enough to put up when needed.....  

It's trendy, but yet not too risky.....

XO Tammy

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to do a Kids Haircut: Little Boys Clipper Cut: Clipper Over Comb

Watch my Tutorial Video to see how I cut Joey's hair..... 

Every Summer I cut Joey's hair pretty short.  He's 7 years old and pretty active, so keeping it short in the warmer weather helps keep him cool.

I used the clippers on the sides and back of his hair.  Next, I cut the top of his hair with scissors.   Then, I  blended everything with thinning shears in end.

Thanks Joey!
XO Tammy

Wedding Hairstylist Video

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