Caramel Color Partial Highlights on Medium Brown Hair: You Tube Video Tutorial

Watch this hair tutorial video…..

When you think of caramel color... think of the caramel candy:)  It's sort of that dark blonde, light brown hair color with a hint of gold.   Caramel color highlights are nice to apply over darker hair shades.  

I would have to say that this has got to be one of the most popular hair color requests that I get from clients.    

Caramel highlights are great to put on darker shades, because it blends in well and won't make the highlights look too stripy. 

XO Tammy


  1. OMG.. You are amazing Tammy! I love that color! I'm getting mine done like that ('course not like your pro job). Also, I was wondering would it be good to use honey highlights too if I wanted a brighter effect?

    Thanks <3

  2. What a great job! Love it!
    I love caramel and honey--I'm going to try to get both done on my med-light brown hair tomorrow. Of course not by a pro like you but hoping for the best:)


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