Sunday, November 13, 2011

Low-Lights and Highlights on an All Over Golden Blonde Hair Color: Video Hair Tutorial

Watch my Video Hair Tutorial to see how I did Highlights and Low-lights with Color In Between…..

Learning how to apply an all over color in between foils was hard for me to learn at first.....

Not only do have to know how to foil hair...You have to know how to lock in your foils so they stay in tact as you move them out of the way to apply your all over color.

First, you apply all of your foils.  I usually leave the low-lights folded longer and my highlights folded shorter so I can keep track of which is which.  I also make sure that my foils a folded tight and secure so will not move while I'm applying the all over color.

Then you apply all the all over color in-between the foils.   You do this just like you would a apply regular all over color you simply move the foils out of the way as you go along.

You can use this technique with any hair color you choose.  In this situation I wanted to achieve a Golden Blonde Hair Color with lots of dimension.  Adding highlights and/or low-lights can make any all over hair color look more professional.  In this case it broke up the gold in the hair and left it a more attractive golden blonde....not to gold or brassy.

It can be a big mess if your not careful.  Working in a pattern will help you from getting lost in the hair.

XO Tammy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short Layered Haircut, Pixie-cut "Hair Tutorial" Razored and Textured

Watch my video tutorial to see how I did this haircut..... 

A "Pixie-cut" is another name for a short layered haircut.  The main idea is the back and sides are cropped short while the top of the hair may or may not stay a little longer.  So there are many, many different versions of this haircut.

Women of all ages can wear this look.  This is also flattering hairstyle for all facial shapes and easy to take care of.

In this tutorial the layers are short, but not too short, so this is a somewhat of "Longer version" of the Pixie-cut.

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XO Tammy

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