How to do Golden Blonde Highlights on Natural Red Hair: Sliced and Chunky

Watch my Video Hair Tutorial to see How I did Golden Blonde Highlights on Natural Red Hair.....

I have been wanting to do this video for a while now.  My friend has the most beautiful natural red hair color.  Her hair has natural highlights coming through already, but adding more blonde actually enhances her red hair.

Because she already has natural highlights, we needed to make the highlights more thick and chunky in order for them to show.

The way you make more thick and chunky highlights is by slicing the foils right next to each other back to back.  The more foils you slice back to back, the more chunky your highlights will be.

I tried something new with the music in this video.  I added music throughout the whole video with Apple iMovie, instead of just the beginning and the end of the video.  I set the volume really low so you could still hear me talk.  I think it's a little bit better with the background music.  I hope everybody likes it.

My Video Lighting.  I am always struggling with the lighting in my videos.  They are either too bright and there is a glare and it looks yellow or they are not bright frustrating.  There is a little bit of a glare in this video, but its not too bad.  The true hair color is so hard to capture on You Tube.

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  1. Tammy, I think you are the only person on youtube that has easy to learn step by step professional tutorials. Very much appreciate them. If u have time, please do a video or blog about how to use different peroxides, toners, bleach, tint etc. For different hair types as I`m struggling to get my head around it all and I can't find simple steps anywhere on the internet. Thanks so much :-)


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