How to Use Dry Shampoo: Biotera Dry Shampoo Review (Great for Sensitive Skin)

                 Watch my Review and Hair Tutorial Video.....

Washing your hair everyday can take its toll on your hair.  If you can manage to skip a day or two between washes your hair will be healthier.  Less shampooing means less drying and heat styling which in turn will be less stressful on your hair.

I have been searching for a dry shampoo that I like for a while.  I have tried a few of the "Spray on" dry shampoos and all of them irritated my scalp.  I have been using just baby powder for a while, because that didn't bother me, but I decided to try a "Powder" dry shampoo to see if that would work any better.

I purchased Biotera Dry Shampoo at Sallys Beauty Supply.

It worked much better then the baby powder I was using and didn't irritate my scalp at all.  I only had to use a little bit and it really went a long way.

I think this is a really good product for sensitive skin.

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  1. Tammy, good review! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of your hair in this video. I never seem to get my hair stylist to understand the beige cool blonde I am looking for. Can you share how you achieved this? My skin tone/coloring is similar to yours. Thanks in advance!!


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