Locks of Love (Part 1) Highlights and Lowlights to Blend the Grey (Hair Tutorial)

Watch my video Hair Tutorial.....

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Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that provides wigs for children that can not afford them on their own.

Most of the wigs go for kids that have the disease Alopecia.  Kids that have to go through Chemo-thereapy because of Cancer loose their hair, but their hair does grow back.  Kids that have Alopecia might not ever grow their hair back.

Alopecia is an an auto immune disease in which the hair follicles fight against each other making the hair follicles to go dorment.  Because the hair goes dorment and is not dead, the hair does have the possibility to grow back, but not always.

There are different severity of this disease.  Many times the hair grows back within a year, but other times the hair never grows back.

Wigs are not always covered by health insurance, because it is not considered life threatening to not have hair.  However, the children's self esteme is affected and having a nice wig can help get some of their confidence back.

Over the years I have cut many people's hair that have donated to this organization.  I'm hoping this video might inspire others to donate:)


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