Bayalage Highlights, Ombre, Free Hand Technique

This had to have been the most requested video I have had yet......

Bayalage Highlights is a free hand form of highlighting.  You can really get creative with this technique by really placing the highlights exactly where you want them to go.   You can use this technique to add a few highlights around the face and crown.

You can also create an Ombre Hair Color effect.

I really enjoyed doing this video.  Let me know if you have any requests for future tutorials:)

Talk to you soon!



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  1. Can you please do a video on a men's clipper cut: faux hawk? On Asian hair, if possible. Thank U Tammy

  2. Hi, I know this might be an odd question but I am actually looking for pictures of bad haircuts. I am in the process of putting a site together about bad/ugly hair and would love some pics to get me started.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, in return I would link to your website/blog.


    1. That sounds like a fun site. Let me know when you have it up. I bet that would make a good Facebook page as well:)


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