Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Long Layered Haircut (Hair Tutorial) Teenager, Medium Thickness

Video Tutorial.....

This is one of those haircuts that I wish I would have gotten more pictures of.   Usually when I have a million other things going on that I just forget to take a picture after.

However, you will get to see the results when you watch the video :)

She had perfect hair to work with.  It's hair healthy with great texture.  This is the kind of haircut that you can do almost anything with.  Just about anyone, at any age can wear this style.

I hope you enjoy:)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to do a Boy's Haircut, Scissor Over Comb, Dry Haircutting

Hi Guys!

For this hair tutorial I am cutting my son, Joey's hair.  We kept his hair pretty clean cut.  We used the scissor over comb technique.  Then we textured and thinned all of his thick hair out.   

Video Tutorial…..

It's funny when I look at his side profile I think he looks just like his dad. 

We tapered the back really short, so it will grow in very nice.

When I look at him from the front, I think he looks more like me. :)

That's my handsome boy:)  Hope you enjoy :)


Monday, March 10, 2014

Elsa's Braid Inspired by Disney's Movie "Frozen" (Hair Tutorial)

Video Hair Tutorial…..

I had so much fun creating this video, so whimsical and fun!   I loved the movie "Frozen."  It was full of singing, princesses, love story and drama… What else can a girl ask for?   

Disney movies are almost alway good.   Even my son liked Frozen.  Just good writing and good stories that no one can resist.

Her hairstyle in this movie was a simple dutch braid (Reverse french braid).   By using this braiding technique you are able to see the braid more from the front and it makes the braid appear more prominent. 

We teased the frontal bang area and then pieced it out into place.  

I'm looking forward to making more princess hair tutorials in the future. 

 I hope that you enjoy this as well :)

XO Tammy

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Photo Shop is Not Easy!

I've had Photo Shop Elements for a while now.  I have to say it is really hard to use!  I have been up into the late hours of the night trying to figure it out.

I've been watching various You Tube video tutorials and I ordered a book "The Missing Manual."  Just the basics is all I need at least. 

I was pretty proud of this picture I created.  I plan on using it for the thumbnail in the new video that I'm uploading this Monday.  

Elsa's Braid "Inspired by Disney's Movie Frozen"

My husband, Alan, and my 2 kids, Joey (10) and Sarah (7) are planning a trip to Walt Disney World this year.   This has totally inspired me to try and recreate some of the princesses hairstyles.   Sarah has the most beautiful long, blonde, thick hair that she makes a perfect model for a lot of these hair styles.  She loves getting her hair done and I couldn't of asked for a better pallet to work with.

I'm planning on uploading a new video Every Monday!  I think that's a great way to start off the week, so be sure to check in:)


Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Set Your Hair with Hot Rollers, Review and Hair Tutorial

Watch this video hair tutorial…..

These hot rollers are great.  They heated up in about 10 minutes  Once you set them into your hair, they stay in about 10-15 minutes or until they are cooled off.   They were really simple and easy to use.

The Babyliss Pro Ceramic & Ionic Hot Rollers came in the box like this.

They came with plenty of clips to secure the rollers into the hair.

They have see through plastic doors that you shut while they are heating up.  

They have a teeth in the rollers to help the roller go on smoothly.

There is a high and low setting.  High can be used for thicker hair and you could use the low setting for thinner hair.

Thanks for stopping by!

Baysyliss Ceramic & Ionic Hot Rollers were courtesy of Flat Iron Experts.

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