Elsa's Braid Inspired by Disney's Movie "Frozen" (Hair Tutorial)

Video Hair Tutorial…..

I had so much fun creating this video, so whimsical and fun!   I loved the movie "Frozen."  It was full of singing, princesses, love story and drama… What else can a girl ask for?   

Disney movies are almost alway good.   Even my son liked Frozen.  Just good writing and good stories that no one can resist.

Her hairstyle in this movie was a simple dutch braid (Reverse french braid).   By using this braiding technique you are able to see the braid more from the front and it makes the braid appear more prominent. 

We teased the frontal bang area and then pieced it out into place.  

I'm looking forward to making more princess hair tutorials in the future. 

 I hope that you enjoy this as well :)

XO Tammy