How to Set Your Hair with Hot Rollers, Review and Hair Tutorial

Watch this video hair tutorial…..

These hot rollers are great.  They heated up in about 10 minutes  Once you set them into your hair, they stay in about 10-15 minutes or until they are cooled off.   They were really simple and easy to use.

The Babyliss Pro Ceramic & Ionic Hot Rollers came in the box like this.

They came with plenty of clips to secure the rollers into the hair.

They have see through plastic doors that you shut while they are heating up.  

They have a teeth in the rollers to help the roller go on smoothly.

There is a high and low setting.  High can be used for thicker hair and you could use the low setting for thinner hair.

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Baysyliss Ceramic & Ionic Hot Rollers were courtesy of Flat Iron Experts.