How to Cut and Blend I-Tip Hair Extensions (Part 2)

Video Hair Tutorial.....

This is at the second tutorial of a 2 part series.  The first video tutorial I created was How to do Hair Extensions, Stand by Stand, I-Tip with Micro-beads.

In this video tutorial I cut and textured the hair extensions so it would be hard to tell where the extensions start and where the real hair begins.  I first started off with cutting the desired length.  Then I did some point cutting and texturing with my scissors.  Then I used my razor to finish off the blending.  

I find the razor does a really good job at blending in the hair.  You basically slide down the hair and the razor does most of the work.   You have to be careful not to put too much pressure on the hair when you are using the razor or you may cut too much.

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