How to do Hair Extensions, Strand by Strand, I-Tips with Micro-Beads (Part 1)

Watch this Video Tutorial…..

This is the first video of a 2 part series.  The second Video Tutorial is on How to Cut and Blend Your I-tip Hair Extensions.

It took me a while to get the hang of doing hair extensions.  First, I really had to decide what I was going to work on.  It was either learn how to glue them in or to use the micro-beads.  I decided to go with the micro-beads, because it's supposed to be less damaging on he hair.   The beads that I prefer to use have silicone inside the bead to protect the hair.

It also took me a while to get used to balancing everything without dropping things on the floor.  Just like when you first start cutting hair, you are constantly dropping the comb and the scissors, clips, etc,  you have to learn how to get the rhythm of applying the hair extensions.

The longer the difference between the real hair and the hair extensions, the more difficult it is to blend.   However in most cases, you can easily add a few inches and it will blend in just fine and appear very natural.  It will also appear thicker and fuller because of the extra hair that you have added in.

You can add more extensions for thicker and less for thinner hair results.

In the Hair Extension Video Tutorial that I created, we only added a few inches, so you can't see the difference at all.

Here are a few pictures of the hair extensions that I have applied with the Micro-Beads.

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