Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New You Tube Trailer and Recent Updates

This is my new You Tube trailer.  I thought it was time for a change :)

I started uploading some more videos again and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.  I'm just taking it at my own pace.  I sometimes get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the social media, uploading regular videos, finding models, keeping up with my own cliental that put too much pressure on myself.

I do work a lot doing hair from my studio and now I've been doing "On location" weddings and special events.  With work and my 2 kids, I started to get overwhelmed and took a little break from videos.  However now that I'm uploading again and getting more into instagram... I'm loving it all over again and instead of stressing... I'm going to embrace it and just have fun with it.  

I love being part of the You Tube community and I enjoy learning from other You Tuber's tutorials.  I learn all the time.  You can never stop getting new ideas about hair.  All I can I hope for is that those that watch my tutorials can take a little something with them as well. 

Take care XO,

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